Tennis Anyone?

Maybe it’s the humidity that opens the pores more, but Atlanta women do seem to have nice skin—or is it more makeup? Not long after our move, Alex noticed that some women in our circle would get made up and dressed up for almost any occasion.

In LA, we had it down. Flip flops were pretty much okay anywhere, though Alex would break out the strappy heels on occasion. Jeans also okay anywhere. Basically, it was casual or nice casual, depending.

In Atlanta it’s a lot more venue, event, and crowd specific. More collared shirts for the guys, and dresses for the girls. “I’ve got nothing to wear” became a constant refrain from our rather full closet the size of my first studio in Venice Beach. And it wasn’t just Alex, though on her end I wished she’d say this sooner than ten minutes before we were scheduled to head out the door.

The tennis outfit seems to be the one go-to here that can let a woman be more natural, yet still be color-coordinated. The outfit can be worn to do many things, like pick up the kids, grab a lunch with the ladies, or shop. And if you’re sweaty, no worries, you just got off the court right?

There are times at our local grocery store where you see more women in tennis outfits than at a Wimbledon doubles match. I’m not sure if there are that many women tennis players in Atlanta, or if it’s just their version of a guy throwing on a baseball cap to avoid taking a shower. Hey, at least it’s something to wear.

“Alex, maybe we should take up tennis,” I said to her out of the blue one day. She felt my forehead to see if I was okay.




3 thoughts on “Tennis Anyone?

  1. Yes, virtually all the women in Atlanta actually play tennis … to some degree (no pun intended). However, it’s all about the outfits. Other than the pros (Serena excepted), serious tennis players look like refuges from a Goodwill store. Okay, Roger as well, but he has a wife who knows how to dress him. And never tell a serious player that they “glow”, or they will glower. “Hey, I work up a serious sweat, dude!”. Yep, they really do.


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